Lamppost Lighting Program

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Lamppost Lighting Program

The City of South Bend’s Lamppost Lighting Program assists homeowners with lighting enhancements in their neighborhoods.  

The cost-share program offers easy self-install, solar-powered lampposts for residential front yards. The solar lampposts must be mounted in a level area within approximately five feet of the edge of sidewalk. They cannot be installed in the tree lawn. 

There is a limit of one lamppost per household. The homeowner is responsible for pickup, installation and any maintenance of the lamppost after installation. The City’s Division of Engineering will inspect the lampposts to ensure proper installation. 

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Who is eligible for the Lamppost Lighting Program?

The program is offered to South Bend homeowners within city limits. For 2024, the City has selected two target areas based on income, number of vacant lots and need for lighting in the neighborhood; however, all homeowners can apply.

Homeowners who live within these target areas will pay a lower share of the total cost of the lamppost:
• Within target areas, homeowners pay 10% of total lamppost cost: $50 

• Outside target areas, homeowners pay 50% of total lamppost cost: $250 

Target areas are listed in the brochure. Payment is due at time of application. Cash, check/money order or credit card will be accepted. 

View brochure/application.

Is there a deadline to participate in the program?

Applications must be submitted by May, 31, 2024.

View brochure/application.

Do I need professional help to install the lamppost?

The EZ Lamppost Mounting System eliminates the need for any wiring, digging, trenching or concrete foundation for installation. It is a simple DIY hand auger installation. Watch this two-minute video on how to install

How do I sign up for the program?

Fill out the application by May, 31, 2024 and mail with payment to:

City of South Bend–Division of Engineering 
227 W Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 1316 
South Bend, IN 46601

What is the process to get a lamppost?

Fill out and mail in application with payment by May, 31, 2024 to the Division of Engineering at 227 W Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 1316, South Bend, IN 46601.

Engineering will notify homeowners via email once their application is approved. 

Homeowners can pick up their lamppost at the Public Works Service Center, located at 731 S. Lafayette Blvd. on:
• Thursday, June 27 from 4 – 6 p.m., or
• Saturday, June 29 from 10 a.m. to noon

Homeowners will need to verify that the location they pick to install the lamppost does not interfere with utilities. Homeowners must call 811 to have utilities located on the property. The lamppost should be placed in direct sunlight and away from trees for best results. The lamppost must be placed on the homeowner’s property, not in the tree lawn, and within five feet of the front sidewalk.

Installation must be completed by the homeowner within two weeks of distribution. Engineering will inspect lampposts after the two weeks to ensure proper installation. Visit to watch a two-minute video on how to install the lamppost. 

For installation questions, contact Engineering at 311. 

311 Process Notes

Applications are included in the brochure. If a resident needs an application mailed, take down his/her name and address and send a service request to Engineering. 

If a resident calls needing assistance with installation, transfer the call to Lidya Abreha at x5961.