City Financial Reports

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City Financial Reports

Where can I find City Financial Reports?

On the document archive section of the City's website

To find the document archive:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My Government
  3. Click on Online Tools
  4. Click on Document Archive
  5. Click on Finance

Who is involved in City Financial Reports?

The Department of Administration & Finance prepares the City's financial reports, along with the help of various departments.

When are City Financial Reports produced?

Most reports are updated on a monthly basis. Some reports are done only once a year.

Budget Reports are posted to the website within 24 hours of when the Budget Hearing occured. Public Budget Hearings usually occur from mid-August thru November.

How do I get more information on City Financial Reports?

You can contact the Department of Administration & Finance at (574) 235-9216.

311 Process Notes

Any questions, contact Amy Shirk, Senior Budget Analyst, ext 9133