Running a Business Out of a Home

Running a Business Out of a Home

There are certain standards which ensure compatibility with other permitted uses and with the residential character of the district and neighborhood in which the home occupation is located.  These standards clearly establish the secondary or incidental status of home occupations in relation to the primary use of the lot for dwelling purposes.

What are the rules that permit home businesses in residential districts?

The required standards prohibit changes to the dwelling which would render it undesirable for residential use.  It would include such things as structural additions or alterations, outdoor storage, above normal traffic, interference of neighborhood tranquility, and commercial vehicle delivery other than postal or United Parcel.

What are some examples of businesses that are not permitted?

By the nature of the investment or operation, once started, the following examples and others similar or comparable impair the use, value, and quiet enjoyment of adjacent residential properties:

  1. Appliance repair, large or small.
  2. Auto/vehicle repairs, major or minor.
  3. Barber shop/beauty shop.
  4. Lawn mower repair of service.
  5. Painting of vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.
  6. Upholstering.
  7. Television or radio repair.

What are some examples of businesses that are permitted?

When conducted in compliance with the required standards, some examples of permitted home occupations are:

  1. Cake making or decorating (not a catering or commercial bakery facility).
  2. Data processing, word processing, or transcription services.
  3. Dressmaking, millinery, sewing, or tailoring.
  4. Teaching or tutoring, including musical instruments or dance, when limited to one pupil at a time.

What is the citation processes if a violation is verified?

The complaint is investigated by a Neighborhood Services & Enforcement inspector.  If there is a violation, a zoning letter can be sent ordering them to comply or be fined per day of violation.

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