Automotive Repair Regulations

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Automotive Repair Regulations

Automotive repair and service center shall mean any location where motor vehicle repair, servicing, and/or storage is done.

Where can you repair your automotive vehicles?

Any minor repairs to your personal vehicle can be done in your driveway or garage.

You cannot make repairs to your personal vehicle on a city street unless it is an emergency.

You cannot run an automotive repair business out of your home as that would constitute a zoning violation.

How do I report an automotive repair violation?

Please call 311.

Who enforces automotive repair regulations?

Neighborhood Services & Enforcement inspectors enforce zoning regulations which include automotive repair. 

How do I get more information on automotive repair regulations?

Automotive repair regulations are described in more detail in the South Bend Municipal Code Section 20-74.


311 Process Notes

Create CRM Service Request: 

  • What exactly is the issue or concern?
  • Where is this taking place? Specific location of the property in question.
  • What time of day are they repairing the vehicles? Day of week? 
  • What is your contact information? (optional)