Good Samaritan Law

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CODE-INQUIRY: Good Samaritan Law



What is the Good Samaritan Law?

Good Samaritan Law (IC sec 34-30-26-5)  provides limited exception to the trespassing law.

The Good Samaritan Law allows a non-owner to lock or board an entry to a building. It also allows a non-owner to remove trash and complete simple yard upkeep which would include mowing the property.

If the non-owner does these things without gross negligence or intentional misconduct, the person will not be subject to liability.  

The Good Samaritan Law does not allow a person to enter the property of another for the purpose of gardening or to enter the building on the property under any circumstance.

Where does the Good Samaritan Law apply?

The Good Samaritan Law applies to any property in the city limits. 

How do I get more information on the Good Samaritan Law?

For more information call 311. 

Here is an informational guide on more ways to help.