Multiple Families in a Single-Family Residence

Multiple Families in a Single-Family Residence

 A single-family residence is defined as no more than two unrelated people living together, they must be related by blood and/or marriage. A multi-family residence is defined as two or more families that are not related occupying the same dwelling.

A single-family residence being treated as a multi-family residence constitutes a zoning violation.

What happens when a complaint is made against a multiple families living in a single-family residence?

A complaint is made by contacting 311, then forwarded on to Neighborhood Services & Enforcement where the complaint is investigated by the area's Neighborhood Services & Enforcement inspector. If a property is found to be in violation, a zoning violation letter is sent to the property owner ordering them to comply or be fined per day of violation. The property owner will have 10 days to resolve the issue. The inspector will return to the property after those ten days and reinspect. 

Who is involved in Multiple Families in a Single-Family Residence?

You can contact 311 to lodge a complaint about a single-family unity occupied by multiple families.

311 Process Notes

Create Service Request: 

Please inform resident that these violations take time to investigate, prove, and resolve. 

What is the exact address? 

Please describe why you think this may be a multi-family zoning violation.