Unsecured Structure Violations

Unsecured Structure Violations

Unsecured structures can act as blight and create a public nuisance, so Neighborhood Services & Enforcement may restrict access to an unauthorized or potentially unsafe structure.

What can be boarded and secured by Neighborhood Services & Enforcement?

Open or missing doors, windows, or wall sections on the main level of a structure can be secured. The basement or lower level windows may also be secured. If there is an exterior stairwell leading up to the second floor, Neighborhood Services & Enforcement may also secure the exposed openings.

Typical structures are houses, garages, sheds, and commercial buildings.

What is the process for finding and correcting unsecured structure violations?

While monitoring his/her area or responding to a complaint, the inspector will cite unsecured structures. If the property is not on continuous enforcement, a secure order will be sent to the property owner. If it is not taken care of in 10 days, an order to board will be given to the contractor and the owner will be billed.

If considered an emergency, it will be boarded up without notice. 

How do I get more information on unsecured structure violations?

More information can be obtained by calling 311.

Properties need to be secured for safety and vandalism prevention.

311 Process Notes

  • Search property in ACA for existing complaint or open case
    • If no existing case, and it is an exact address, please create an Accela online complaint