Litter Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violation

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Litter Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violation

A litter violation may be opened as a result of a citizen complaint or an inspector observing a violation while patrolling his or her area.

What is a litter violation?

Examples of Litter Violations:

  • Uncollected trash and garbage, litter and debris, uncontrolled dumping
  • Demolition remains
  • Appliances or furniture in yard
  • Auto parts and scrap metal


What is the litter abatement procedure?

When an inspector observes an environmental violation, pictures are taken, a citation is issued, and a letter is sent to the property owner. The property owner has 10 days from the date the citation was observed to abate the violation.

After the 10 days have passed, an inspector will reinspect the property to verify the issue was abated. If the violation was cleaned by owner, the case is closed. If the violation is still present, the Neighborhood Enforcement Action Team (NEAT) will be assigned to abate the violation. NEAT will take a picture before they abate the violation and after they have abated the violation. After the violation has been abated by NEAT, Neighborhood Services & Enforcement will bill the property owner of record for the abatement.

How do I report a litter violation?

Please call 311 or you may email

311 Process Notes

If exact address, please create an Accela online complaint

If no exact address, please do not make request/complaint at all. 

If resident is calling about overflowing trash/recycling bins, please check on utility status. 

If no active account, then please let Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Team know by creating service request.