Trash Can Ticket Regulations

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CODE-INQUIRY: Trash Can Ticket Regulations


What are the ticket regulations for trash cans?

Containers must not be placed on the front yard or tree lawn area before 12:00 noon on the day before collection, and must be removed from the front year or tree lawn area on the day of collection.

Inspectors monitor their assigned neighborhood for violations regularly, but will only prioritize trash container ticketing if a container is a safety hazard and blocks the right of way. 

If an Inspector finds a trash container in violation, they will place a warning tag on the container. If not removed within 48 hours, then the inspector will return to verify and may issue a ticket of $50. Any further violations may result in a fine of $50 for each day the container is found to be in violation.

How do I get more information on trash can ticket regulations?

More information on placement of trash containers can be found in South Bend Municipal Code 16-12-C.

More information on the ticket ordinance can be found in 16-53-C (19) and 16-54.

For 311:

Create Service Request: 

  • What is the trash pick up day for the area? LOOK UP TRASH PICK-UP DAY FOR AREA
  • What is the location of the trash container? Specific address preferred. 
  • Is the container blocking traffic or creating a safety hazard?

Please inform the caller:

  • Inspectors will not respond to all trash can complaints, because of the volume or priority.
  • However, the inspectors are in their neighborhoods daily and monitor trash cans issues.