Special Events

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EXP-INQUIRY: Special Events

South Bend Venues Parks & Arts hosts a wide array of changing special events across the city over the course of the year.  Concert Series, Arts Events and city-wide festivals such as the Best.Week.Ever all are described as Special Events.


Where do Special Events occur?

Because the line-up of Special Events changes from year to year and from season to season, the best way to determine the location of any event is to check the VPA website for more complete information.

Who is involved in Special Events?

Different events cater to different portions of the community.  Some will be more family oriented, some more action orientated and some more targeted for youth, for example.

When do Special Events occur?

Special Events occur over the course of the year.  Some are reoccuring events over a season like the free summer concert series.  Many are single happenings scattered across the entire year.  Several are specifically to celebrate national or local holidays.

How do I get more information on Special Events?

The South Bend VPA website is a good source:


General questions can be addressed to the VPA offices at (574) 299-4765.

Most upcoming events are promoted and highlighted on VPA's facebook page:


For 311: