Recreation Trail Maintenance

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Recreation Trail Maintenance

The City of South Bend prides itself on having a variety of trails for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors. These include walking trails, mixed-use trails, nature trails, as well as a mountain bike trail at Rum Village Park. These trails provide a wide variety of opportunities for education, exercise, family recreation, and entertainment. The Facilities and Grounds Division of Venues Parks and Arts wants to ensure that all trails within the City of South Bend park system consistently meet the expectations of its users. Facilities and Grounds work hard to maintain the safety, cleanliness, and functionality of the trails on all of our properties.

Who maintains trails in the City of South Bend?

The trails within the City of South Bend Park system are maintained by the Facilities and Grounds division of Venues Parks and Arts as well as with the hard work of volunteer groups and individual volunteers. The only trail not maintained by the Facilities and Grounds Division is the mountain bike trail at Rum Village Park, which is managed by the hard work of NIMBA. NIMBA stands for "Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association" and more information on this volunteer group can be found online at

When are trails maintained?

The safety and quality of the trails within the South Bend Park system is very important to us. The Facilities and Grounds team will address issues as soon as possible with priority given to safety related issues. 

How can I request recreation trail maintenance?

In the event you have a concern or identify an issue with a trail within the City of South Bend Park system, you can request that it be addressed by calling 311. If you have a concern about or want to assist with the mountain bike trail at Rum Village, then you can connect with the volunteer mountain bike group, NIMBA, through their website at

If you would like to get more info on ways you can help maintain trails or volunteer in the park system, visit our website at or call the volunteer coordinator at 574-235-9372.