Tree Health Assessment

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FOR-REQUEST: Tree Health Assessment

The city forester will perform a tree risk assessment on any tree that could endanger the public right of way

All trees are inspected  by using ISA’s (International Society of Arboriculture) tree risk assessment.  We only remove or have removed trees that are dead, dying (trees that have 35% or more die back in the crown with no other mitigation options possible) or dangerous trees with a risk rating of moderate to high.  This process uses visible structural damage, non-preventable likelihood of damage, new construction, disease or infestation to make its assessment. 

What is the cost for tree health assessment?

There is no charge for a tree health assessment.

Who is eligible for tree health assessment?

Any South Bend resident with a four digit address is eligible.

When is tree health assessment provided?

Tree health assessments are provided by request.

How can I request a tree health assessment?

Call the forestry office 574-299-4766

For 311: