Storm Damage Removal Policy

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Storm Damage Removal Policy

When there is damage done to trees during a storm, the City will clean up the debris according to policy.

What is the policy for City clean up from Storm damage?

The City will remove any trees or limbs that are down up to the property line, clearing the public right of way. Trees and limbs not in the public right of way are the property owner's responsibility.

Any resident who wishes to remove or trim the tree lawn trees must request a permit from the Forestry Department by calling 574-299-4766

Where is tree debris picked up from?

The City will remove tree debris in the following areas:

  • The street
  • The sidewalk
  • The tree lawn area
  • Up to property line

When is storm damage removal completed?

Tree debris from storm damage will be removed after it is reported by residents. Report damage by calling 311 or the Forestry Department at 574-299-4766.