Tree Preventative Maintenance

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FOR-INQUIRY: Tree Preventative Maintenance

The forester is continually inspecting trees throughout the parks, city owned property, and on private property.

We are also informed by residents who report trees that need maintenance and may become a dangerous situation for residents. 

How do I report a tree needing attention?

If you see a tree in need of maintenance report it to the Forestry Department by calling 311.

Where is the tree located?

The forester will need the address of the tree's location and a description of where the tree is located on the property (Example: treelawn, front yard, back yard)

How do I get more information on preventive tree maintenance?

For more information, call the Forestry office at 574-299-4766. You may also consult these useful links:

Tree Planting Diagrams

Tree Owners Manual

Tree Pruning Essentials

For 311:

How do I get more info on tree preventative maintenance. Call forestry office 574-299-4766