Forestry Letter

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FOR-REQUEST: Forestry Letter

You received a letter from the Venues Parks & Arts Forestry office because there may be a tree on your property in need of care and maintenance, or it may be a public safety hazard.

What is the role of the Forestry Office?

The Forestry office enforces tree maintenance across the city on behalf of the City of South Bend's Board of Park Commissioners. 

Why did I receive this letter?

The city Forester identified a tree on the property in need of trimming, pruning, or removal. The property owner is responsible for the maintenance of trees on their property including the tree lawn area. 

If you think you received the letter by mistake please call the Forestry office at (574) 299-4766.

If you have questions about your letter, please call the forestry office at (574)-299-4766 to speak with the Forester. Each case is different and the information provided to the Forester may be passed on to supervisors in order to reach a solution. 

For 311:

Call Forestry Deptarment  if more information is needed. 574-299-4766