South Bend Community Survey

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DOIT-INQUIRY: South Bend Community Survey

The City of South Bend is conducting a Community Survey to learn more about resident satisfaction with services provided by the City. Some residents will receive a survey in the mail beginning in late April.

What is the South Bend Community Survey?

The South Bend Community Survey is a new tool that the City is using to gather resident feedback on city services and inform decision making. 

Who can participate in the survey? Who is the City working with to distribute it?

Only residents who receive a copy of the survey in the mail may participate. ETC Institute is compiling a random sample of residents who are representative of South Bend. This is why individuals cannot volunteer to participate.

The City is working with ETC Institute, one of the nation's leading firms in local governmental research, to develop, distribute, and analyze the survey.

The official survey comes from ETC Institute on behalf of the City of South Bend and includes a cover letter on City letterhead, signed by Mayor Pete.

When was the official survey distributed?

The survey was first mailed out around 4/20/18. There may be additional mailings in the future as ETC Institute works to make sure the sample is complete and statistically valid.

How do I participate in the community survey?

  • Only those residents who receive a survey in the mail may participate. All of the information below is also provided on the letter they received.
  • Those selected may complete the survey online at or may complete the survey on paper and return it with the postage paid envelope provided.
  • Any resident who prefers to complete the survey in Spanish, please call (913) 829-1215.