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Where is Gun Permits occurring?

Gun permit applications and state fees must be done online.

Once online materials are completed, applicants must come to the South Bend Police Department to complete the process and pay local fees. 

When is Gun Permits occurring?

License TypeLocal FeeState Fee
4yr Hunting & Target$10$5
4yr Personal Protection$10$30

Lifetime Hunting & Target

With no current license


Lifetime Personal Protection

With no current license


Lifetime Personal Protection 

With current valid license

Retire Officers Fee exemptFee exempt
Corrections OfficersFee exemptFee exempt
Firearms DealerFee exemptFee exempt
Active officers with 20+ yearsFee exemptFee exempt


How do I get more information on Gun Permits?

The gun permit online application can be found here. There will be an application fee from the state of Indiana which can be paid online.

Applicants will need to get fingerprints done electronically at one of the state's L1 certified sites. Those can be found here.

Once the above are completed, applicants must bring materials to the South Bend Police Department at 701 W. Sample Street to pay local fees.

Once all fees are paid, the South Bend Police Department will perfom a background check to determine if the application is approved or denied. Background checks are performed during the business hours of 8 am to 4 pm. 

Applications remain active for 90 days.

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