Quality of Life Complaints

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SBPD-INQUIRY: Quality of Life Complaints

The South Bend Chronic Problem Property ordinance, which went into effect October 15, 2013, addresses issues with repeat problem calls from local properties.  These calls consist of a combination of: verified complaints, ordinance violations, letters issued by the Police Department, Code Enforcement, or the Legal Department.  First Class Patrolman Keenan Lane has been assigned to oversee implementation.

The City will fine property owners based on the number of problem calls.  Each call above the limits established in the legislation (5+ calls in a 60-day period for a property with 50 or fewer units; or after 12 calls in a 90-day period for a property with 51 or more units) will result in a $250 fine for each and every call thereafter up to one calendar year.

Where can I report Quality of Life Complaints?

You can report complaints within the South Bend City limits to Officer Keenan Lane by calling 574-235-9201.

Who is involved in Quality of Life Complaints?

Officer Keenan Lane, the Department of Code Enforcement, the Legal Department, and property owners.

People who call in complaints.

When are Quality of Life Complaints investigated?

Complaints are investigated during business hours which are 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. 

People who call in a complaint will not have calls for service counted against them or be charged a fine. 

How do I get more information on Quality of Life Complaints?

Learn more about the South Bend Chronic Problem Properties Ordinance by visiting the city website