Alley to Curbside Trash Pick-up Exception Request

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SW-REQUEST: Alley to Curbside Trash Pick-up Exception Request



What is the alley to curbside trash pick-up transition schedule?

The schedule for the alley to curbside move is listed below. Or you can click here to see when your address is being moved. 

  • December 2016- E. Angela Blvd to E. Jefferson Blvd, N. Michigan St to N. Eddy St
  • January 2017- Orange St to W. Sample St, Dundee St to S. Walnut St.
  • February 2017- E. Calvert St to E. Fairview Ave, Fellow St to S. Twyckenham Dr
  • March 2017- W. Hamilton St to Lincoln Way W, Bendix Dr to Wilber St
  • April 2017- Edison Rd to E. Jefferson Blvd, N. Eddy St to N. Twyckenham Dr
  • May 2017- W. Colfax Ave to Prairie Ave, S. Olive St to Chapin St
  • June 2017- E. Ewing Ave to E Donmoyer Ave, S. Michigan St to Miami Rd
  • July 2017-The Railroad Tracks South of Jefferson Blvd to Mishawaka Ave, S. Ironwood Dr to S. 35th St
  • August 2017- Lincoln Way W to E. Ewing Ave, Miami Rd to S. Ironwood Dr
  • September 2017- W. Washington St to W. Ewing Ave, Prairie Ave to S. Michigan St
  • October 2017- Riverside Dr & W Angela Blvd to California Ave & W North Shore Dr, Portage Ave to N. Michigan St
  • November 2017- Mishawaka Ave to Northside Blvd, S. Twyckenham Dr to S. Logan St
  • December 2017- E. Monroe St & Lincoln Way E to E Ewing Ave, S. Michigan St to Miami Rd
  • January 2018- Lincoln Way W & Ardmore Trail to Orange St, N. Sheridan St to La Porte Ave
  • February 2018- Riverside Dr to W. Washington St, La Porte Ave to Riverside Dr
  • March 2018- Elwood Ave to Lincoln Way W, N. Elmer St to Cottage Grove Ave

Who is eligible to request an exception for alley trash pick-up?

Any resident paying for City trash services that has been recently asked to move their trash from alley collection to curbside collection. Exceptions can be considered for residents that have obstructions preventing them from moving their container to the curb. 

Clarifying questions for eligibility: 

  • Did you receive a letter from the Solid Waste Department?
  • What is the concern with moving the container to the curb?
  • How do you currently handle your Recycling and/or Yard Waste containers?
  • Do you have a disability preventing you from moving the container?
    • If the customer has a disability, please refer to the Assisted Collection article and relay the information to the customer. 

All of the following criteria MUST be met in order to be considered for an exception:

  • Is the entire alley at least 14 feet wide?
  • Is the entire alley paved completely?
  • Is the alley way clear of obstructions (trees, low hanging branches, power lines and poles)?
  • Is there an adequate turning radius for entering and exiting the alley way? 
  • Are there any other unique conditions that might make the collection difficult? 

How do I know if I am scheduled for curbside trash pick-up?

If you received a letter from Solid Waste, the container will be emptied curbside on the date in the letter. 

How can I request an exception to curbside trash pick-up?

By calling the City's 311 call center. 

For 311:

Please enter a service request only for residents meeting the exception criteria.