Solid Waste Contamination Fee

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SW-INQUIRY: Solid Waste Contamination Fee

A Solid Waste Contamination Fee is in effect starting September 18, 2017 to keep refuse from contaminating the waste stream. 

What is the Solid Waste contamination fee?

The Solid Waste contamination fee is charged if a person deposits refuse in any solid waste container that will contaminate the waste stream.

There should not be refuse on top of or piled next to the container, and there should not be refuse keeping the container from properly closing. 

What is the contamination fee procedure?

An orange sticker will be placed on the resident's bin notifying them of the Contamination Fee. Guidelines for resident's to follow will be mailed to any resident receiving an orange sticker.

The first notice for Contamination Fee is a warning. Each subsequent notice is a $10 fee that will be added to the resident's monthly utility bill.  

How do I get more information on the Solid Waste contamination fee?

Please call 311.