Yard Waste Bin Request

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Yard Waste Bin Request

Weekly pickup of yard waste, such as grass clippings, brush, twigs and leaves, is available to residents for a fee of $4.50 per month during the season. Yard waste season runs April 1 through November 30. A 48-or 96-gallon bin is provided with collection taking place on the same day as trash pickup. 

Who is eligible for a yard waste bin?

The yard waste program is only available to residents who live within city limits (addresses in city limits are three-or four digits).

Only the account holder can request a yard waste bin. The last four digits of the social security number of the account holder will need to be verified when requesting the bin.  

When is the yard waste bin provided?

The bin will be provided on your next pickup day. 

What is the cost for a yard waste bin?

The cost for a yard waste bin is $4.50 per month, April through November. The total cost is $36 per year. 

How can I sign up for the yard waste program?

Residents can sign up for the program online or by calling 311.

311 Process Notes

Verify that you are speaking with the account holder and process the request.