Trash Container Repair Request

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SW-REQUEST: Trash Container Repair Request


Is there a fee to repair the container?

There is no cost for a trash container repair.

However, if the container is substantially damaged or otherwise incapable of effective use through no fault of the City, a new container may be provided at the fee of $50.00. 

When would the repairs be scheduled?

The container is serviced on the next scheduled service day. Please make sure the container is out front, visible, and accessible to the crew. 

How do I request repairs to my container?

By calling the City's 311 center or by filling out the webform here. 

The account holder must be the person calling in the repair. 

For 311:


In the red phone, select the customer’s address. Once the customer is pulled up, select the “Collection Orders”. Select the “Containers Category”. Next, select the container that needs the repair by clicking once on: “Refuse” or “Yard Waste”. Once the container has been highlighted blue, click on the drop down box right above it, selecting “Container Repair”. Click “New Job”.


The “Container Job Editor” will pop up. Under “Job Details”, select the next scheduled pick-up date. Under “Container Reason”, select the reason for the container repair. Type the description of what needs to be repaired in the “Job Notes”.

Click the green check mark “OK” to finish the call.

Please specify the container size, 96 gallon or 48 gallon, and the type of damage, wheels, lid, bar, body.