Exchange Waste Container for a Different Size

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SW-REQUEST: Exchange Waste Container for a Different Size

You can request to have your trash or yard container exchanged for a different size if you are paying for City trash services. 

Is there a fee to exchange my waste container for a different size?

Solid Waste can exchange your current container for a size more suitable for your needs.

All containers are eligible to be exchanged. Available container sizes are as follows:


  • 48 Gallon
  • 96 Gallon

Yard Waste

  • 48 Gallon 
  • 96 Gallon 

How long will it take to receive the new container?

The exchange takes place on the next scheduled trash pick-up date. 

How do I request a different sized waste container?

To exchange a trash container, click here. 

To exchange a yard waste container, click here. 

Or by calling the City's 311 call center. 

For 311:


  • Select correct container (trash or yard waste)
  • Put in for a "container exchange"
  • Specify in notes (in the job notes) what size the customer has, what size the customer wants, and the serial number of the container wishing to be exchanged
  • Schedule for the next trash pick-up date