Debris in the Street

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Debris in the Street

The city responds to requests for removal of large debris in the right of way. For information on the city’s periodic street cleaning service, please see the Street Cleaning Knowledge Base Article.

What is considered debris?

Debris is defined as an item other than "regular" street dirt. Glass, tree limbs, and large items, such as beds, appliances, and other furniture. Depending on the size of the debris, the Streets Department, Code Enforcement, or Forestry will respond to the service request.

Inoperable or abandoned cars parked on city streets are not considered debris. For more information on removal, please visit the Abandoned Vehicles Knowledge Base Article.

For debris on private property or in an alley, please report a Litter Code Violation service request.

How do I report debris in the street?

During normal business hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm), call 311.

Please provide your contact information, a description of the debris, the street address of the debris, the direction of travel (Northbound, Eastbound, etc.), and whether the debris is blocking the street or causing traffic issues.

After normal business hours - if the item is blocking the street or causing a traffic hazard - call 311 and follow the prompts to report a Street Emergency.

How long does it take to respond to a Debris in the Street request?

The Streets Department will respond to street debris within 24 hours of a submitted service request, under normal call volume.