Snow Bank - Sight Impeded

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ST-SERVICE: Snow Bank - Sight Impeded

Report piles of plowed snow that impede the ability to see oncoming traffic.

When will the snow bank be cleared?

If the snow bank is on private property, we are not allowed to enter private property to move snow.  The owner/manager of the property will be notified and asked to clear the snow.  If necessary, Code Enforcement may be contacted to cite the owner.

If the snow bank is at an intersection, one of the plow drivers in that area will be dispatched to clear the snow.

How do I report a snow bank?

During normal business hours (7:30 am - 5:30 pm), contact 311.

    After normal business hours, contact 311 and follow the prompts to report a Street Emergency.

    Provide name, contact information and address/location of snow bank. (Ex: Lafayette and South)

    • Is this a private residence or business?

    This information will be sent to a supervisor for evaluation.

    For 311: