Street Paving

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ST-SERVICE: Street Paving

Streets are evaluated each year using a PASER rating scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "Terrible" and 10 denoting "Excellent".  These evaluations are performed by Street and Engineering staff.  The results are compiled and then, based on the PASER rating and other criteria, streets are added to the paving schedule, either in the current year or subsequent years.

When is Street Paving provided?

Paving season generally begins on April 1st and runs until sometime in the fall, weather depending.

How do I request that my street be paved?

During normal business hours, contact 311.

Provide name, contact information and specific address or block number (Ex: 1500 block of Brookfield) where you are requesting paving.

The information will be forwarded to a supervisor for evaluation.

For 311: