Missed Loose Leaf Pick Up

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ST-INCIDENT: Missed Loose Leaf Pick Up

Leaves not picked up during the Project ReLeaf program's dates.

When will the missed leaves be picked up?

A pick up will be scheduled at the earliest possible opportunity.


How can I request a pick up for missed leaves?

During normal business hours, call 311.

Provide name and contact information.

Provide the address where the leaves were missed.

This information will be sent to a supervisor for scheduling.

For 311:

Prior to initiating a Service Request, operators should check the ARGIS mapping for ReLeaf.  Should ensure that it is the proper date for pickup as well as if there is an "issue" attached to the address such as car parked in front of or on the pile; debris in the pile, etc.

If the caller is calling outside the time frame for Project ReLeaf, refer them to the Solid Waste yard waste guidelines.