Lawn Damage from Plow

ST-INCIDENT: Lawn Damage from Plow

Provides for the repair of lawns damaged by City vehicles or equipment.

When will repairs be done?

Repairs are generally made during construction season, which runs from approximately 4/16 - 10/09.  Every effort will be made to effect repairs as soon as the weather permits in the spring.

How do I report lawn damage by a City Vehicle?

During normal business hours, contact 311.

Please provide name, contact information and address where damage is located.

Please provide date and estimated time that damage occurred.

Please provide the number of the City truck and/or color of City vehicle, if known.

The information will be given to a supervisor for evaluation and forwarded to the City Legal Department for review.

For 311:

If the resident feels that they have a claim against the City, refer to Legal.