Alley Maintenance Request

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ST-SERVICE: Alley Maintenance Request

 Alleys are considered to be a right-of-way for utilities and the homeowner whose lot abuts an alleyway.  The City will make repairs to create a safe driving surface, but alleys do not get paved.  

What type of repairs are done to alleys?

Hard surface alleys (those that are currently asphalt surfaced) will be evaluated and will either be patched with an asphalt patch mix or, if the patching required is too extensive, will be rehabilitated and the asphalt surface will be ground and graded to create a safe driving surface.

Soft surface alleys (those that are dirt or gravel) will be graded to create a safe driving surface.

When is alley maintenance provided?

Alley maintenance is generally done during construction season, which runs from approximately 4/16 - 10/09, weather permitting.  

If you request alley maintenance in-season, the information will be given to a supervisor for evaluation and scheduling.

If you request alley maintenance out-of-season, the information will be retained and repairs will be made once the weather has stabilized.

How do I request alley maintenance?

During normal business hours, call 311.

Please provide the following information:

Name, contact information and the address that abuts the alley.

What type of surface does it have?  Hard surface (asphalt) or soft surface (dirt or gravel)?

For 311: