Boil Water Advisory

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Boil Water Advisory

Why is there a Precautionary Boil Water Advisory on my door?

Water Works had to turn off the water in your area in order to do a repair. When the water main is not under pressure, there is always a chance for contamination.

Does this mean my water is contaminated?

No, we have not found anything wrong with the water and there likely is no contamination. There is no reason to be alarmed. This is a routine precaution that Water Works takes to verify the water is still safe after a repair. The probability of contamination is very unlikely; however, since it is possible, we recommend that you boil your water or use bottled water for 72 hours after your service is restored.

How will I know when my water is safe to drink again?

Water Quality personnel take a series of samples after the water is turned back on to verify there is no contamination. The test results can take up to 72 hours. Due to the number of customers usually affected, Water Works does not notify you when all tests indicate that the water is fine. You WOULD be notified during this 72 hour period if contamination was found. If you have not been notified after 72 hours, you can safely resume normal use of your water.  

For what activities should boiled or bottled water be used?

You should boil your water or used bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing your teeth and food preparation - basically anything that would go into your mouth. As an extra precaution, you can use hand sanitizer after washing your hands and rinse washed dishes in water with a little bit of bleach (1 Tablespoon per gallon of water).

What can I use my water for without taking special precautions?

You can continue to do laundry, take showers and use your water normally for all things that do not involve ingesting the water.  

How do I get more information on the Precautionary Boil Water Advisory?

For more information, call 311 or Water Quality at 574.235.5994.

311 Process Notes

Please create a work order for the water quality queue in enQuesta for all water quality calls.

If customers would like to speak with someone in Water Works, transfer to 5994 please.