Cloudy or Milky Water

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Cloudy or Milky Water

If water looks cloudy or milky, read below for more information. 

Why is this occurring?

Cloudy or milking looking water is usually caused by the aerators on your faucets.  

  • Does the cloudiness go away if you let a glass of water sit for a few minutes? If so, there is just air in the water, which is not harmful.
  • Does the water look this way from all of your faucets in the house? Try taking a glass from the bath tub where there is usually not an aerator.

What can I do about it?

You can remove and clean your faucet aerators as they can become clogged over time. If this does not help, try turning down the velocity of the water coming out.  

What if neither of these things work?

After cleaning your aerators and turning down the faucet, if you are still getting water that appears cloudy or milky and it does not go away in a few minutes, call 311.

For additional information, email

311 Process Notes

Please create a work order for the water quality queue in enQuesta for all water quality calls.

Please forward calls to water quality at 9670 if they still have questions or concerns after you review the KBA with them.