Sprinkler Service

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Sprinkler Service

Explains sprinkler season, minimum use and the process for requesting initiation and termination of sprinkler service.

How do I request initiation or termination of Sprinkler Service?

  • Call 311 or 574-235-9236 (Option 4) to request initiation or termination of your Sprinkler Service.
  • The Utility will drive by and get the meter read only.  The Utility will not physically turn on or shut off water to your irrigation system. You must call your irrigation company to turn water on or off.
  • The Utility will activate Sprinkler Service on your behalf if usage is recorded and there has been no request to initiate services.

What are the charges for Sprinkler Service?

  • Sprinkler charges are identical to the Utility's Water Rates & Charges, except that Sprinkler Service is billed six times a year during the summer months.
  • This means as long as your Sprinkler Service is active, you will be billed the minimum water charges according to meter size.

When am I billed for Sprinkler Service?

  • Sprinkler Service is billed six times a year during the summer months.
  • Depending on when your meter is typically read, the first sprinkler reads of the year occur in late May through early June.
    • The first read will include any usage that occurred since the last read of the prior year (usually late October/early November.)
  • If you do not anticipate using your irrigation system, you must notify the Utility to terminate the service.  You will be responsible for minimum use charges until the Utility is notified to terminate the service.