Eviction Defense Program

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Eviction Defense Program

The Eviction Defense Program for the City of South Bend provides a referral service to residents facing eviction.

What is the service?

The City of South Bend refers residents facing eviction to the Volunteer Lawyer Network, which will work with residents to determine whether their specific case is eligible for pro bono legal representation.

How much does it cost?

This program is provided by the Volunteer Lawyer Network, an organization that obtains attorney volunteers to represent low-income clients.  There is no cost to the tenant.

Who is eligible to participate?

Eligibility is determined by location and income. Callers must live within the City of South Bend and meet income guidelines.

When is the program available?

This program is always available to South Bend residents. Response time can vary and is determined by the availability of attorneys through the Volunteer Lawyer Network. Referral to VLN does not guarantee the caller legal representation.

How do I request service?

Contact 3-1-1 and ask for the South Bend/Volunteer Lawyer Network Eviction Defense Program.