Damage From City Plow

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Damage From City Plow

City-owned street plows may cause accidental damage to city infrastructure or private property. Please continue reading for more information and directions on how to report observed damage.

What do city plows look like?

City, state, and private contractors operate snow plows in the city. The city of South Bend owns a fleet of orange trucks and white trucks that plow city streets following snow events. The state of Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) owns a fleet of yellow snow trucks that operate on state roads within city limits. Several private contractors also assist with snow clearing.

What has been damaged?

In the past, residents have reported damage to city infrastructure, i.e. curbs, and private property, i.e. mailboxes. If you witness a city plow damage city infrastructure or private property, please notify the city.

Please keep in mind that during snow removal operations, snow pushed by city snow plows may come into contact with private property. Upon report of damage by a city snow plow, city personnel will perform an inspection to determine the cause of the damage. If it is determined that the snow plow struck the item or area, repairs will be made as soon as possible. If it is determined that a snow plow did not strike the item or area and it was caused by snow rolled by the plow, repairs will be the responsibility of the resident.

How do I report infrastructure or property damage from a city plow?

During normal business hours, please contact 311 and provide the following.

  • Name, contact information and address where damage is located.
  • Date and estimated time that damage occurred.
  • The number of the City truck and/or color of City vehicle, if known.

The information will be given to a supervisor for evaluation.

When will repairs be completed?

For the city’s most reported items:

Mailboxes - If it is determined that a City plow did cause the damage, repairs will be done within a timeframe that will make sure that mail is still deliverable to the address. Repairs may be completed by repairing the damage to the mailbox or, if not repairable, the Street Department will place a temporary mailbox until such a time as the weather allows for the installation of a permanent replacement.

Curbs and Lawns - Repairs are generally made during construction season, which runs from approximately 4/16 - 10/09.  Every effort will be made to effect repairs as soon as the weather permits in the spring.

For all other items, please contact 311.