Animal Waste Issues

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Animal Waste Issues

How can I report animal waste issues? 

What is excessive animal waste?

Excessive animal waste is three piles of excrement or more on its own property, or any time excrement is not immediately picked up when an animal defecates off of its own property. 

What if someone lets their dog poop in my yard?

Unfortunately, this is hard to enforce, but if you know where the animal lives you can report the owner to SBARC by calling 311.  

Getting a photo or video of an animal defecating in your yard always helps to prove what dog it was. 

Who is responsible for picking up excrement?

The animal's owner is responsible for picking up excrement on or off of their property. 

When should excrement be picked up?


What if the waste is on someone else's property?

Even waste on someone else's property should be reported for the health of the animal and the people in and around that residence.

311 Process Notes

We can issue Animal Welfare Alerts for residents who fail to pick up excrement off their property, but we can not do more than that without proof. 
It is extremely hard to prove what animal is defecating on someone else's property. 
Excessive excrement on someone's property from their own animal(s) should also be reported for health reasons.