Rabies Testing

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Rabies Testing

Understanding the circumstances in which SBARC tests animals for rabies

What animals are tested for rabies?

Wildlife that have been involved in bites can be trapped and brought into SBARC or picked up by an Animal Welfare Officer for rabies testing. South Bend Animal Resource Center sends out a specimen to the Indiana State Department of  Health to be tested for rabies. Wildlife will only be tested upon request.

Domestic animals will remain on a 10 day quarantine at SBARC after a bite. The health of the animal will be verified at the end of the quarantine. Domestic animals will only have a specimen sent out for medical testing to the ISDH if the animal has become deceased within the 10 day period after a bite. 

Even domestic animals that are properly up to date with their rabies vaccinations will be quarantined. 

Where are the animals tested for rabies?

Residents can quarantine the animal in their home, bring them to the South Bend Animal Resource Center, or at a veterinarian's office depending on the case. 

SBARC will send approved specimens to the Indiana State Department off Health for testing. 

If applicable, SBARC will contact veterinarian offices  to confirm rabies vaccinations, but quarantines are still required.

What do I do if the animal cannot be tested or quarnainted?

If you or your animal have been bitten by another animal (wildlife or domestic) but are unable to locate where the animal went (i.e. bit by a stray dog that escaped and have never seen it before or since) then you should follow up with your physician or veterinarian.

When should an animal be tested for rabies?

Animals should be tested for rabies as soon as possible after a bite, or quarantine periods should start as soon as the bite happens. 

How will someone learn the results of the testing?

If the animal was put on a quarantine, the victim will be contacted after the health of the animal has been verified at the end of  the quarantine period. If a specimen was sent out, the victim will be contacted with the results in a few days.

Why would an animal be tested or quarantined if it is up to date with the rabies vaccination?

An animal will be tested or quarantined to verify the animal's health for the safety of the victim and the animal. It is still a requirement that all domestic animals be up to date with their rabies vaccinations. 

311 Process Notes

It is a $30 fee to have an animal specimen sent out and tested for rabies at a resident's request.. People can only have animals sent out if they are wildlife or they are having their own pet euthanized due to a bite.