Raccoons out during the daytime

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Raccoons out during the daytime

"Raccoons are nocturnal creatures so they traditionally come out only during the nighttime hours to scrounge for food. It is a common myth that if a raccoon is found out and about during the daytime hours that it most likely has rabies or is very sick."


When will SBARC respond to a raccoon?

The South Bend Animal Resource Center will not remove healthy raccoons from any property.  If the raccoon is sick or injured, SBARC will respond during normal business hours.  

A sick raccoon will appear disoriented or lethargic.  They may walk in circles and stumble when they walk or have paralysis to their hind legs.  

Why would a raccoon be outside during the day?

  • Raccoons can come out during the daytime hours if they have found a food source available at a particular time.
  • They may have been frightened from their den site by a person or dog causing them to relocate themselves to one of their other homes in the area.
  • Mother raccoons can have their usual patterns disrupted during the spring and summer birthing season when nursing a litter of babies can force mother raccoons to forage for their own food during daylight hours."
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