Pet Microchip Information

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Pet Microchip Information

A pet microchip is the only permanent and reliable way to identify a lost pet.

What is a microchip?

A microchip is a tiny rice-sized radio-frequency identification device (RFID).  They are quickly and painlessly inserted under your pet's skin.  Microchips do not have GPS capabilities but they are a permanent form of identification that can be registered in a recovery database.  Recovery databases hold info about the pet and its owner.  

Where can I get my pet mircochipped?

The South Bend Animal Resource Center can microchip dogs and cats for a 20.00 fee.  The process takes about 10 minutes.  Owners must provide a photo ID when having their pet microchipped.  

When can I get my pet chipped?

SBARC can microchip Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4:30pm.  

Facts about microchips

  • A microchip is not a GPS
  • It's a permanent form of ID, registered to our recovery database which holds pet and owner information
  • A microchip is only as useful as the information tied to it, so ensure your contact details are up-to-date at all times