Turn On or Turn Off Utilities for Repairs

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Turn On or Turn Off Utilities for Repairs

A customer may request to have water service temporarily shut-off at the curb for repairs.

Details of the turn on/off for repairs request:

There is no charge for this request.  However:

  • Additional trips to the residence by our field service representatives within a seven day period will incur a return trip fee charge for each occurrence.
  • No credit adjustment will be made to any billings as a result of the temporary shut-off.
  • If service remains shut-off for a period of two weeks, the Utility may interpret this as notice for permanent disconnection and may follow proper procedures to terminate the account.  

A customer should call 311 to provide a time for the requested turn off.  Also, the turn off will occur during normal business hours, from 7:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. Finally, a customer should call 311 to have the water service restored once repairs are complete.  

311 Process Notes

The Service Request is to be completed which will send this request to a queue to be worked by the service department.