Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program

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Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program

The City of South Bend’s Department of Public Works is now accepting applications for the 2024 Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program, which assists property owners in making repairs to curbs, sidewalks and ADA ramps abutting their properties. Anyone who is a homeowner or property owner, including businesses, within the city limits can participate in the program. 

Residents are encouraged to apply early. The program has reached full capacity the past few years. 

View Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Brochure 

View Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Application

What is the Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program?

The Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program assists property owners in making needed repairs to curbs and sidewalks abutting their properties.

Per Chapter 18, Article 3 of the South Bend Municipal Code, the maintenance and repair of curb and sidewalk is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. 

What are the reimbursement amounts?

The Curb & Sidewalk program offers reimbursements for replacement of existing curbs and sidewalks within city limits. Reimbursement amounts are listed below. 

  Homeowner Occupied Homeowner Occupied
(in Target Area)
*All Other
CURB $15 per linear ft. $30 per linear ft. $7.50 per linear ft.
SIDEWALK $20 per linear ft. $40 per linear ft. $10 per linear ft.
ADA RAMP $950 per ramp $950 per ramp $950 per ramp

*Includes landlords, businesses, churches, schools, etc. Maximum reimbursement amount for the *All Other category is 250 ft of curb and sidewalk combined.

For 2024, the City has selected three target areas based on income and conditions of sidewalks. Homeowners who live within these target areas will receive a higher reimbursement amount. View Target Areas.

How do I submit my application for the program?

All reimbursement applications must be submitted via email to the Division of Engineering at

What is the process for the Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Program?

The reimbursement process consists of six steps.

1. Project Estimate: Contact a licensed contractor for an estimate on curb and/or sidewalk repair work. The City cannot recommend contractors for work. Contractors do, however, need to be bonded with the Department of Public Works. View list of contractors licensed and bonded with the City
2. Application: Fill out the Curb & Sidewalk Reimbursement Application and include the contractor's estimate with your submission.  Email application and contractor's estimate to  

3. Pre-Approval: The City will complete a pre-construction inspection of the project and give pre-approval within five business days of receiving an application. 

4. Permits: Instruct the contractor to get sidewalk construction and occupancy permits from the City's Engineering Office by emailing or calling 574.235.9254.  

5. Construction: Once the contractor has completed the project and has been paid, email in proof of payment (signed contractor invoice) along with a copy of the pre-approval application to by November 8, 2024.

6. Reimbursement: The City completes post-construction inspection at the property. Upon a successful inspection, a reimbursement check will be mailed within six weeks. 

When does the program end?

The final reimbursement form, including contractor signature confirming the work is complete, must be submitted to the Engineering Office by November 8, 2024. 

311 Process Notes

Callers with questions that cannot be answered by 311 should be directed to Tara Bussell X9254. 

If residents need a brochure mailed to them, fill out a service request to the Engineering front desk. 

Non-homeowners mean commercial properties, churches, schools, businesses, etc. There is a maximum reimbursement amount for landlords, businesses, churches, schools, commercial properties, etc of 250 ft of curb and sidewalk combined.

Here is a list of contractors licensed and bonded with the City to provide to residents when they call for a list.