General Bird Scooters Inquiry

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General Bird Scooters Inquiry

In October 2021, the City of South Bend authorized Bird to operate scooters and electric-assist (e-assist) bikes within city limits. Bird is the operator of these devices and is not providing a paid service to the City.

Concerns and questions regarding this service should be addressed to Bird via its app, or 1.866.205.2442.

Where is Bird available?

Bird scooters can currently be found throughout South Bend city limits. E-assist bikes are expected to launch in Spring 2022.

Locate a Bird by using the app. Users need to download the Bird app to start your ride.

Bird scooters can only be used on sidewalks that contain a designated bike lane. Otherwise, users may only use them in bike lanes in the streets. Users are asked to park scooters responsibly in an upright position and away from vehicles, pedestrians or other scooter/bicycle traffic.

I found a Bird that doesn’t work. I don’t want a scooter parked in front of my house. How do I report things like this?

Users can report a damaged or badly parked Bird in the app by clicking on the triangle symbol with a ! in it in the bottom left hand corner of the app. You can also reach out to Bird via or 1.866.205.2442. Again, the City does not operate the scooters or bikes. Users must contact Bird directly.

How do Birds get moved around?

Bird monitors the location of its fleet through GPS and moves them to a location where there is greater demand if they remain stationary for a prolonged period of time. To request relocation, contact Bird via or 1.866.205.2442.

How do I get more information on Bird?

More information can be found in the Bird app or at

311 Process Notes

311 can pass on operational requests that they receive to the local fleet managers at This email address should NOT be published or provided to the caller. Bird wants everything to go through the Bird app, email or number on their website.