City-Owned Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

City-Owned Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

The City has installed "Level 2" or destination electric vehicle charging stations to provide public charging that is accessible 24/7. Learn more about the different types of charging equipment here.

How can I find electric vehicle charging stations?

The City of South Bend operates charging stations that are located in the public right of way and at city facilities. Locations include Howard Park and the County City Building. Stations open to the general public are listed on the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center Station Locator. You may find others at, a crowd-sourced platform that also includes non-networked and restricted access stations, such as those reserved for a station owner's guests, employees, etc. You may leave a comment on PlugShare to alert other drivers of the station issue in a timely manner.

How do I report an issue with an electric vehicle charging station? 

If the station is not working, contact 311 or click request this service above. Please note that some requests might take time if the City needs to order new parts for the charging stations.

Issues may include:

  • a damaged cord
  • broken plug/connector
  • station powered off 
  • station is on but not delivering power.


How do I report a city-owned station that is blocked by another vehicle?

Call a parking ambassador at 574-232-3843 for assistance with parking enforcement. Vehicles using the dedicated electric vehicle parking spaces are required to be plugged in.

311 Process Notes

Please use the Service Request to document the EV charging station related issue.

Select from this list of most common issues and we could better track the data on which issues are most common:

  • Power Off - Station appears to be powered down (note to the City: this may happen if a breaker trips)
  • Electrical Issue - Station would not deliver charge, possible fault. -> If able, describe the color and configuration of any blinking lights on the unit.
  • Software issue - Could not authenticate, problems with account. (If station required authentication) -> Recommend contacting the network provider's customer service 
  • Hardware Issue - Station component is physically damaged -> Describe the damage: to the cord, plug, or other component?
  • Station is Blocked -> Is a car parked but not plugged in? -> Is there already a ticket on the vehicle? If not, please call the DTSB Ambassadors at 574-400-3949 for assistance with parking enforcement.