Upskill SB

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Upskill SB

Upskill SB offers professional, industry-standard certifications in a variety of information technology, business and management, and healthcare, along with a customized training plan to help you prepare to take the next step in your career.

Applications are currently being accepted for the inaugural Upskill SB cohort. Apply online at

What certifications are being offered?

Upskill SB offers a range of certifications. We offer short-term training options that will not take longer than 6 months to complete. Here is a list of offered certification areas: 

  • Smart Automation Certifications (SACA) 

  • Google Cloud certifications (available for all St. Joe County residents through a partnership with Google. Check out more on the Upskill website) 

  • Other Cloud services including AWS and Azure 

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Data Analytics 

  • Database 

  • Health Information 

  • Information Technology 

  • Nursing Assistant 

  • Pharmacy Tech 

  • Project Management 

  • Human Resources

  • And more!

Learn about specific careers and training options on the Upskill SB webpage. If you are unsure of which industry or certification to choose from, email us at to be connected to a career counselor. 

Upskill SB only covers expenses for short-term certifications, appropriate training and materials.

Who is eligible for Upskill SB?

You may apply for Upskill SB if you: 

  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent 

  • Currently live or work in South Bend 

  • Employed or actively seeking employment 

You may also apply for Google Cloud Boost | Upskill and Upskill Climate if you are: 

  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent 

  • A resident of St. Joseph County, Indiana 

When will this program take place?

Upskill SB is accepting rolling applications throughout 2023. The next application evaluation periods are in April and July for a summer and fall start respectively, so if you apply now, you will hear back in April or July. Program participants are expected to complete the training and certification or other type of credential within 3-5 months within a fall/spring or summer semester timeframe.

How do I participate in Upskill SB?


  1. Apply - Fill out the application from on the website:

  2. Phone Screen - You will be asked to schedule a 30-minute career guidance and discussion with Upskill SB. An additional session with a career guidance counselor may be scheduled if still undecided on certification choice. 

  3. Choose a certification - Upon completing the phone screening, Upskill SB will follow up to confirm the certification you have chosen that has been consulted during the phone screening or during the career counseling session. 

  4. Decision - A decision on your application will be sent within two to three weeks. 



Fill out this form to suggest certifications for your employees, and we will get in contact with you: Form Link

Can I reapply to Upskill SB?

Yes, we highly encourage participants to reapply to continue on their certification training, especially if they are earning concurrent experience alongside training. if you complete a certification and would like to continue a certification path, inform the program manager ( and reapply through the same application form. 

What if I need access to technology? 

You will have the option of informing us your technical needs on the application form under the Program Resources section. If you are taking a certification exam or working through a certificate course, a working computer with a mic and webcam is necessary, and resources Upskill SB can provide. If you are taking a technical course with software or hardware needs, double check with the certification’s website, and we can reimburse software needs e.g. AWS cloud subscription. 

311 Process Notes

For more information and a full FAQ section, visit or email