AARP Age-Friendly City

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AARP Age-Friendly City

The City of South Bend became enrolled in the AARP age-friendly network of communities in October 2021. This enrollment demonstrates South Bend’s commitment to assessing and improving the city’s friendliness to residents and visitors of all ages.

Who is involved in the AARP Age-Friendly City initiative?

  • The City partners with AARP, St. Joseph County, and other local community partners to work towards making South Bend age-friendly. The City also seeks input from residents through this survey.

What is the Age-Friendly network and what does it do?

  • Being a part of the Age-Friendly network shows that South Bend is dedicated to improving and becoming friendlier to all ages. Every 5 years the City must submit a report to AARP to record any improvements.

When did the City decide to become Age-Friendly?

  • The City was added to the Age-Friendly Network in October 2021 under the Mayor Mueller administration. Mayor Mueller is committed to improving infrastructure for older adults to make the city a better place to live for people of all ages.

Why should I take the survey and participate in community listening sessions?

  • The City is committed to creating a more age-friendly place to live for all people, and we need public input to do that in a way that serves residents.
  • We ask our residents to participate and share their own experiences so that we can understand the current state of accessibility and age-friendliness for our residents from their own perspectives.

311 Process Notes

If residents have specific questions that you cannot answer, you can put them in touch with Mary McAfee in the Mayor’s Office or Allie Dolz-Lane (574-235-5855). Please ask residents if they would like to take the survey and if they need assistance accessing the survey. We can mail them the survey, they can pick one up from a library, REAL Services, or Community Centers, or they can take it online at