Community Policing Engagement

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Community Policing Engagement

This article provides information on a community policing engagement effort that the City is running during the months of May and June. 

What is community policing?

Community policing is an approach that emphasizes building positive relationships and partnerships between police and the community to jointly address crime and public safety issues.

Call to Action

South Bend residents are invited to share their ideas for how they want to see the South Bend Police Department (SBPD) build and strengthen relationships with the community. Feedback helps SBPD better understand the needs and concerns of South Bend residents, and tailor activities and initiatives to those needs.

How will feedback be used?

  • Identify opportunities for SBPD to collaborate with residents & organizations on local issues 

  • Determine the types of activities or outreach efforts that are most impactful in building positive relationships between SBPD and the community  

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of existing relationship-building programs and initiatives 

How can residents participate?

Residents can engage through an online survey or by leaving a voicemail

How long will engagement run?

Engagement will last through 6/23/23. 

311 Process Notes

For voicemail feedback, residents are directed to directly call the voicemail box rather than calling 311 to leave feedback.