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[ {"service":"Abandoned Vehicles"}, {"service":"Alley Maintenance Request"}, {"service":"Basketball Hoop in the Public Right of Way"}, {"service":"Christmas Tree Pick-Up Request"}, {"service":"Container Repair Request"}, {"service":"Curb Damaged by City Vehicle (Test)"}, {"service":"Damage from Plow"}, {"service":"Damage to Speed Bumps"}, {"service":"Dead Animal in the Street"}, {"service":"Debris in the Street"}, {"service":"Eviction Defense Program"}, {"service":"General Service (Traffic and Lighting)"}, {"service":"Grass and Weed Neighborhood Services & Enforcement Violation"}, {"service":"Lawn Damage from Plow (Test)"}, {"service":"Litter Code Violation"}, {"service":"Mailbox Damage from Plow (Test)"}, {"service":"Multiple Families in a Single-Family Residence"}, {"service":"Pothole in Street"}, {"service":"Report a Clogged Catch Basin"}, {"service":"Report Issue with City-Owned Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations"}, {"service":"Report Signal Outages and Damaged Signs"}, {"service":"Request an Interior Code Inspection"}, {"service":"Running a Business Out of a Home"}, {"service":"South Bend Open Wi-Fi Support"}, {"service":"Street Light Issue (Test)"}, {"service":"Street Painting"}, {"service":"Street Sweeping"}, {"service":"Test Form"}, {"service":"Traffic Concern Form"}, {"service":"Trash Bin Request"}, {"service":"Trash Can Violation"}, {"service":"Tree Service [Report]"}, {"service":"Unsecured Structure Violation"}, {"service":"Vegetation Code Violation"}, {"service":"Yard Waste Bin Request"} ]